This is a now page inspired by Derek Sivers. If you have your own site, I highly encourage you to create your own too.

Every couple of months, I update this page to reflect what I'm up to in the present time.

What's the point of this page? It helps me stay focused on my goals and priorities. If I’m about to do something that’s not on my list, is it something I want to add to it, or something I want to stop?


For the upcoming three months, I'll be focusing less on work and more on learning. I will no longer actively seek projects (or jobs) and will limit work to small tasks and projects that can be done on the side.

During that time, I'll explore multiple domains that I'm curious about and learn more about career paths that involve them. I decided to stop following what the market needs and start following what I'm actually passionate about.

No more work updates for Q1 of 2021, it'll be just me and my books.


Last time I checked, the economy here in Lebanon is still collapsing, inflation is increasing, we are far from getting a qualified government to deal with the country's crisis, and the COVID pandemic on top of that is making things even worse. That's why I decided to stop worrying about what's happening around me and focus more on myself.  For now, I'm trying to:

  • Reduce my computer screen time to 10 hours a day at most (including entertainment)
  • Take an actual day off every week (with 0 screen time)
  • Try to write more, because if I'm consuming all the time and feel like there's nothing I can produce from that then I'm most likely consuming garbage